Notary certification
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    Notarial Certification

    We offer notary certified translations in any language for passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, diplomas, various types of certificates, affidavits, warrants, court decisions, contracts, protocols, health certificates, declarations, and other documents from various institutions (SSIA, OCMA, etc.).

    A notary certified translation is a translation that is certified by a sworn translator by his or her signature, and the translator’s signature is authenticated by a notary. The translator has sworn before the notary on the accuracy of the translation and shall be held liable for a deliberately incorrect and/or false translation in accordance with Articles 300 and 302 of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

    In order to certify a translation of a document, the original document has to be fully executed and legally valid.

    The original document has to contain the following information:

    ·         - The name of the document’s author;

    ·         - The date of issue;

    ·        -  The name of the place where the document was prepared, issued and signed;

    ·         - Signature(s).

    A notary has no right to certify documents that are not legally valid or correctly executed, for example, a document consisting of several bound pages with obvious signs of page separation, a foreign document without the appropriate legalization, and so on, including identity documents with a photo.

    Additional information about the execution of documents can be found in the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 154 of April 23, 1996 “Regulations on elaboration and execution of documents”.

    It is possible to notarize both a translated document’s original and a certified copy. In both cases the original document has to be presented.

    1 notary certified translation of a document costs 13.50 EUR

    1 notary certified copy costs 4.50 EUR


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